“Do You Have An Estate Account?”

Lillie’s Foundation is celebrating 8 years of service to grandparents and senior raising school aged children.

We want all grandparents, seniors and guardians of school aged children to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

The eighth topic for the series is titled, “Do You Have An Estate Account?”

Mr. Allen had a vision of how he wanted to created a lasting memory of our Lillie’s well before their passing in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Since that time, our family has been building legacy and creating lasting memories for grandparents and seniors raising school aged children since 2015.

Let’s be honest. No one wants to talk about death and the end of life. However, it’s a summation of the life we lived and speaks to the life we shall continue to experience spiritually.

The conversation about having an estate account is not easy, but it’s something that has to be done. Recently, we have begun turning our family Sunday dinners into family business meeting where we discuss next steps for aging grandparents, parents and family.

If you have beneficiaries in place, a living will last will and testament, POA, transfer on death dead, power of attorney for healthcare and funeral planning declaration then you can pass go and collect $200.

But if you don’t, which is the case for many families, you’ll need to start with this.

Begin with opening an estate account at your local bank through an attorney. Any funds that don’t have direct beneficiaries will go into this account.

The attorney will have to publish notification of your passing in the local newspaper or courthouse. Church announcements are great but this won’t count towards documentation needed.

Please also note that once the official notification of death is made, anyone can make claim on your property!

Preparing for death doesn’t mean stop living; it’s an intricate and intimate part to how you want your life to be remembered.

Make sure your get connected to Our Grands Network and Educate Grands Program for workshops and more information on this topic.

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