“Leave a Legacy!”

Lillie’s Foundation wants all grandparents, seniors and aging guardians raising school aged children to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

The eleventh topic for the series is titled, “Leave a Legacy!”

Family is such a necessity and value for us. It impacts our identity, beliefs, values and perspective on life. However, we realize and know that family relationships are also very complicated, complex and looks differently for everyone.

One common aspect of family is legacy and the ways in which we not only continue the traditions, beliefs and history of our family but also innovate and expand upon them.

As life is filled with swift transitions, you not only want to have a plan for how your family handles your business but you should also have a plan for how they handle your legacy.

The way in which your family remembers and celebrates you also speaks to your legacy. It showcases how you lived and how your legacy is remembered.

You play a major role in not only the story but how the story, your story, is told.

Leaving identified family celebrations you value and that are sentimental to the family and history should be written down with any significant foods, dance or other customs used to celebrate.

We realize that oftentimes the things we may Love individually and normally “do” for the family stops when we pass away.

Our question to you is, “who have you identified to be your successors?” This is important to building and leaving a legacy for your family and Loved ones.

Make clear who Loves ones are and what this means culturally and even legally in regards to who has say in what and how your legacy is celebrated.

During this holiday season, take some time to leave those recipes, ways your garden, home and family remedies, family history and keepsakes with someone in your family to continue the traditions and memories.

Check out more of our work and make sure you get connected to Our Grands Network and Educate Grands Program for workshops and more information on this topic.

Lillie’s Foundation is celebrating 8 years of service to grandparents and senior raising school aged children.

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