“Make a Difference Beyond!”

Lillie’s Foundation wants all grandparents, seniors and aging guardians raising school aged children to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

The twelfth and final topic for the series is titled, “Make a Difference Beyond!”

We’re at the end of the year and are hopeful that the information shared from Mr. Allen’s experiences have been helpful for you and your families.

As this is the last blog of the series, we want you to let us know in the comments what you’d like to see shared on the blog next.

When thinking about how to make a difference beyond your life, it’s important to consider some of the key elements of leaving your legacy.

But making a difference beyond is a little more detailed and requires a little more details from you.

Telling your story can be share in many ways and through multiple means.

Areas that Mr. Allen wants to draw to your attention are cook books, journals, your yearly planner and calendar, address and phone books, photo albums and even Sunday school/church notebooks.

For those who may not have children, consider nieces and nephews, or other close Loved ones to share these things with as well. There are other ways to continue your legacy and continue to make a difference by donating or leaving your items to:

  • community centers
  • museums
  • libraries
  • schools
  • churches
  • non profit organizations
  • cause

Check out more of our work and make sure you get connected to Our Grands Network and Educate Grands Program for workshops and more information on this topic.

What an amazing year 8 years of service to grandparents and senior raising school aged children from Lillie’s Foundation. Thank you for celebrating with us this year.

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