National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is the second Sunday in the month of September. Lillie’s Foundation will be honoring and celebrating grandparents raising school aged children all month long.

This year, our National Grandparents Day celebration included our Lillie’s CARES program providing health and wellness support to grandparents and seniors at Abernathy Towers.

We also held our Annual Grandparents Appreciation Brunch in which grandparents in the Our Family Program were honored and celebrated, as well as our grandchildren in the YEP program and our community and business partners.

Currently, our organization is doing a capital campaign to raise $5000 to support our programs and initiatives designed to support grandparents and their grandchildren matriculating through the public education system.

We’re asking that you visit our donate link on our website for financial support. Please also leave a small tribute or note of kindness to grandparents raising school aged children as we want to celebrate them with affirmations as well.

Congratulations to Ms. Foley, 2022 Grandparent of Year, parent at Kindezi West, Atlanta, Georgia.

Connect with us on social media through our website and stay engaged with our programs and events.

For additional information or ways to support this event, please email