Secure the Bag!

Welcome to 2023! Lillie’s Foundation celebrates our 8th year of operation starting this month. We want our grandparents and seniors to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

The first topic is “Secure the Bag!”

Over the years, we’ve served many families at our conference room table. Often times the family members were struggling to get access to funding or to their loved ones finances. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t wait for payment before rending service. Everyone doesn’t work with the family like we do.

In order to avoid this from happening, and even having to go to probate court, here’s what Mr. Allen thinks you should now.

Ensure that all bank accounts have direct beneficiaries. The beneficiary would need to go to the bank after the time of your or a Loved ones passing with your/their death certificate and ID.

Make sure your get connected to Our Grands Network and Educate Grands Program for workshops and more information on this topic.

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