Spring Cleaning, Summer Fever!

We are in a new quarter of the year and a new season. We celebrate all of the major accomplishments of our grands including the recognition of Mama Foley, Kindezi West Charter School in Atlanta, Georgia, who received the Legacy Award and honored at the Annual Single Parents Day in Georgia.

Spring is the perfect time and season for cleaning, reflection and enjoying some time in the garden.

Grandparents, don’t believe the hype. Old school methods are working just find and can be proven each spring when it’s time to get the house ready for spring and summer activities.

As many are in spring break, let the grands get some rest but make sure you get those gloves, buckets, dust mops and cleaning rags ready!

Before the test season and the anxious social bug bites, take some moments during spring break to reflect and read over your child(ren)s literacy and numeracy data with them. Ask questions about proficiency and test your child(ren)s knowledge.

It’s not too late to ensure your grands are enrolled in after school enrichment programs and tutoring. If you need additional support with tutoring, check out Cage Free Voices Tutoring Services.

Here are five (5) things you can have your grands do around the house this month:

  1. Spring cleaning: Get the house cleaned from top to bottom.
  2. Start a garden: Get connected to being self sufficient.
  3. Share family recipes: Get your children and teens to know how to cook, prepare, store and clean food.
  4. Spend time together: Get to know your grands and the things they like while also sharing with them things about you!
  5. Shop around for fun deals: Get on the internet and look up free museum, library and community center events.

These are five things you can do throughout spring break and repeat throughout the next couple of weeks of spring leading to summer.

We hope you get connected to our upcoming Lillie’s PETALS and Lillie’s CARES programs this quarter. Our major event this quarter includes our Annual High Tea and the Made 2 Matter Fine Arts Display.