Transfer the Deed!

Lillie’s Foundation celebrates our 8th year of operation starting this month. We want our grandparents and seniors to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

The second topic is “Transfer the Deed!”

Over the years, we’ve served many families at our conference room table. Often times the family members were struggling to get access to funding or to their loved ones finances. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t wait for payment before rending service. Everyone doesn’t work with the family like we do.

In order to avoid this from happening, and even having to go to probate court, here’s what Mr. Allen thinks you should know.

The beneficiary is not just the point person for planning your last but the person who has legal authority to make decision on behalf of your, your estate or Loved one.

Before the death of a Loved one, one of the top things the beneficiary will need to do is complete the Transfer for Deed. Now, if you aren’t familiar with this visit your county as a resource.

The best route to complete the Transfer for Deed is through the county office. This document is what allows the homeowner to transfer ownership of the home to their designee.

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