“Welcome to 2024″

Welcome to 2024, another year of possibilities!

Lillie’s Foundation doesn’t take for granted that every day is a gift. We’re so thankful that all of our grandparents, grandkids and grand families made it safely into the new year.

Entering this year, LF4C is thankful for

  • those we serve
  • those we serve with
  • those who support our work

Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know what you’re thankful for this year.

The focus of this blog, “Making the Impossible Possible!”, is to share some of things we’re working to make possible for our grands this year.

It’s all about F A M I L Y!

Our Lillie’s PETALS program kicks off the year with our “Family Fun Night” helping our grands get ready for this year and the vision for themselves, their families and grands. Make sure you visit our community events tab for more details.

Our vision for the families we’re supporting in our programs includes making the impossible possible for them regarding:

  • Access to high stake tutoring
  • Access to advanced online coding classes
  • Access to mentoring programs
  • Access to advanced STEM activities i.e.
    • Aquarium
    • Marine Biology and Oceanography programs
    • Art design fellowships

The Family Fun Night is a virtual event designed to support the social, emotional needs of grandparents and their families from our data.

You can support this initiative by donating to help us with the door prizes we provide to the grandparents. WHY is this important? We’ve created an engaging and fun activity that infuses, academic, social and emotional engagement while providing grandparents door prizes (gift cards for grocery, gas, household needs) as many are on fixed incomes and utilize this as a means to support their household.

Our Lillie’s PETAL program focuses in on family engagement by infusing and incorporating social, emotional learning (SEL) best practices.

For this month, remember to look at what’s be identified as impossible and find ways to make the impossible possible!