“Welcome to March!”

Lillie’s Foundation closed out February celebrating so many Loved ones birthdays including our CFO Jared Wilson!

Last month our Educate GRANDS Workshop was amazing with a special guest presenter on high dosage tutoring. Our board members Dana Williams and Mrs. Allen shared tips with our grands and caretakers on how to support literacy with their grandchildren at home. Make sure you complete our grandparent needs assessment in order for us to ensure you’re connected to this program.

This month we’re highlighting GRANDS advocating for children who have special needs.

Special education can no longer be a taboo subject in our communities. I’m a firm believer that we all learn differently. The biggest question is, how do we all learn together?

We want to ensure grandparents and caretakers receive information so that the are aware of what to expect in public education and know how to get what they need for their grandchildren.

If you are a grandparent, senior, aging guardian or caretaker, here’s three (3) tips for you to use and know regarding your child(ren) receiving special education services.

  1. If in Georgia, request a Parent Mentor. You can begin by looking in the special education department of your school district or the state to request this support. For more information visit https://parentmentors.org/mentor/georgia-dept-of-education/
  2. Find a family advocate who can support you in and out of school. This support can be find in education advocacy groups or non profit education groups like Lillie’s Foundation or the National Parents Union.
  3. Utilize your skill set to help your child. Too often parents and caretakers are told that they aren’t the expect. You are the expect in your child/grandchild. If cooking if your gift, use this to spend time with, talk to and listen to your grandchild to see how they are learning and how they need support.

Literacy plays a major role in the development and academic journey of students with special needs. Even children who may have extreme emotional behavior disorder can be gifted in math and science just like a student with a special impediment can be gifted in social studies and the arts. If you have a student who is struggling with reading proficiency and literacy, visit the National Black Dyslexia Association for resources and tips. HOME | Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children

Now as the spring time is quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to show some Love to Lillie’s. Make sure you support by going to LilliesFoundation.org and supporting our Annual GRANDS Walk N Run.