“Creating A Lasting Memory!”

Lillie’s Foundation is celebrating 8 years of service to grandparents and senior raising school aged children.

We want all grandparents, seniors and guardians of school aged children to enjoy this special series on the blog sponsored by Allen’s Printing Company called, “Conversations with DA!”

So far in this series we touched on the topics:

  1. Secure the Bag!
  2. Transfer the Deed!
  3. Write a Will!
  4. Who’s The Boss?
  5. Don’t Pull the Plug
  6. My Belongings Go To!

The seventh topic for the series is titled, “Creating A Lasting Memory!”

Mr. Allen had a vision of how he wanted to created a lasting memory of our Lillie’s well before their passing in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Since that time, our family has been building legacy and creating lasting memories for grandparents and seniors raising school aged children since 2015.

Too often, we are busy with working, trying to make ends meet and managing our day to day lives that we don’t make the time to visit Loved ones, spend with family or enjoy precious moments with the ones we Love.

For many people, family reunions are held at funerals!

One piece of advance to families Mr. Allen gives is to ensure you have a funeral planning declaration. That’s right, appoint someone to lead your last and final arrangements.

Families don’t readily embrace death and aren’t fully functioning in the moment of a Loved one’s transition.

Mr. Allen recommends having a funeral planning declaration and point person so that your family doesn’t experience chaos that many do at the time of death of a Loved one.

Having this ensures your family knows what funeral home you want to go to, final arrangements for your remains, will your Loved one be buried in a family plot, central location or other designated area?

What will your funeral service(s) look like, who has access or rights to the will.

However, you’ll be shocked to know that the biggest question is , “Who got the body?” Ensuring your family is connected to a professional and comforting funeral home is key.

Preparing for death doesn’t mean stop living; it’s an intricate and intimate part to how you want your life to be remembered.

Make sure your get connected to Our Grands Network and Educate Grands Program for workshops and more information on this topic.

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